and even more framed scenes. aww they lined up, how presh!

some pieces from a show at perrin gallery in brookline, with awesome frames by dina shaposhnikova.


more from little things mean a lot, and i found these fabulous tilted bowls to put them in.

finally uploading pieces from the
little things mean a lot show at swan coach house gallery in atlanta.


little drops set

tiny drops suspended for keen observation...
the first full set, many more stacked on my shelves!


vial droplets...

effervescent drops captured in tiny vials.



i love factories.. well, i love immortalizing them, and their little smokestacks, blowing beautiful plumes of smoke and soot into our o-so -delicate ecosystem. i included an image of the piece outside the bowl, since i don't believe the camera does justice to the final encased in the glass. which do you like better? hmmmmmmmm...

vial experiments..

here are my attempts at a final piece which is more easily contained, for shipping and the like. the middle one is my favorite. can you tell that they are skyscrapers? with itty-bitty windows? needs a bit more work..


takeout show..

these are for my first show at meme gallery! each baggie is 3x3" and contains a self sustaining patch of otherworldly vegetation.


skyscraper pig and skyscraper ox.

this is the first incarnation of my concept for skyscrapers on animals. here the animals carry the burden of human growth.

the buildings will need to be curved a bit more in the future. they stand approximately an inch and a half to two inches tall.


power lines.

power lines are grown for the transfer of energy. These ones in particular are preserved for further study.


little blue house.

alien weeds overpower a little blue house.


tectonic boroughs..

city triangulations meet for coffee.

this is my future world where skyscrapers are dwarfed by arced relics, taken over by the growth of a strange nature.



the first of my terrarium series. no water necessary.


mouthy ones...

sitting silently around the fern, the children knew this was the last they would see of their mother.


a 1/2 inch forest spans across my horizon.



Cloud attacks city. Citizens rejoice.


three leg...

three leg is a vase for one leaf only.



this is flower dude all finished and holding some lovely dead twigs.